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June 20, 2024

18 thoughts on “URGENT: Bitcoin Price CRASH! Should I Sell Crypto? [EXPLAINED]

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  2. If it was urgent, you would be live while happening. Only few brave YouTubers that care about their community were live while "crash" was happening

  3. Hey 🙂
    Have You checked a project called MContent yet?
    They are going to speak in the largest Blockchain Expo in Dubai, 3 days from now.
    Covered by CNN.
    There is a big ETH related news that is going to be announced very soon, don't miss out!

  4. Ummmm, it is Biden and his evil, cabal fault…. for the most part. Doesn't mean they are all powerful….but 20% in the wrong direction is more than enough to change the course of the financial, machine. The stock market is not based on the reality, that's on the ground. The media is downplaying how fffffd we are. We just haven't felt the main, blowback yet. Get some land in the countryside if you can and make it self-sustainable. My bet is that crypto will be one of the bastions for trade in the coming future…. but shore up your defenses on every layer that you can. People always forget how fffd things can get, very quickly. That being said, don't let fear run things.

  5. Not scared of leverage trading, just cant legally do it in the US or at least here in Texas. Also, watch for another shake out in the next 12 hours as people are starting to long again.

  6. Thanks Jason,
    I’m waiting for that book to get shipped , also purchased the other book you recommended ( smart money ) , just need to find some tine to read it .

  7. Stop advertising crypto trading lol trading is a scam I wonder why someone will be trading asset that goes up over 100 percent a year I swear you people are just useless and stupid I pity the new people who listen to you

  8. Just keep selling your positions..pigs get fat and greedy pigs get slaughtered. Time to start deleveraging before diaper man Brandon kicks us into great depression 2.0.

  9. So once again, leverage trading is a major factor in market downturns or pullbacks. You can only play this game so long before that pullback happens to trigger a few too many things and it's May all over again and we're back down 60%+. Sometimes I wonder if we're just trading one type of manipulation in fiat (the Fed) for another manipulation in Crypto (whales).

    It's a tough market to stay in, that's for sure.

  10. I paid 14500 at 45500. 0.326. Sold 0.10 at 65k. I though we might go to 60k and I could gain my position. I lost. Probably won’t go down to 60k for a long time or ever. BitBoy thinks it will have a 50 percent correction after 100k. Raul Paul thinks we’ll have a crash in December. I suppose I panicked at the stock market as well

  11. Leverage, up down tokens not sounding like much different than existing bank system with its shortfalls, not much regulation and the favourite of digital extortionists enjoy while you can

  12. Last time to buy ADA and DOT before everything goes parabolic.. DOT have Parachain lockup, ADA with HYDRA and Daaps going live… GG perfect entry now, before we go berserk. Remember Dyor.

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