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June 20, 2024

10 thoughts on “THIS BITCOIN CHART IS REVERSING NOW!! Bitcoin News Today & Ethereum Price Prediction (BTC & ETH)


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  2. With inflation at an all time high and recession is looming in This might be a bear market rally trap

  3. <looking at the current chart, BTC price has been moving marginally from high and lows, this recent market pressure has led some to believe that more declines or upward could be ahead. better to take little quantity to trade than to hodl in these confusing moments, All thanks to Jostein Morcant who gave me a ray of hope after I thought I had lost it all, for his Amazing tips for helping me earn 19 Btc from 4.5 Btc through day trading.

  4. So cryto is technically just good for a very long term investement which you can save up now that its cheap, unless you are a good trader.

  5. It's undeniably true. A lot of people are faced with the challenges of making a good choice when it comes to investing considering the different options out there. YouTube has been of much help but I don't feel it's enough because most people don't easily understand what they watch. Many learn fast when they have someone assisting them please advise you to follow Patricia investment

  6. It's going to bounce back down. 17000 will be important for bitcoin. It could go below still. This is the very first relief rally in a while. I dont trust it.

  7. There's no way a bullish reversal is happening rn. We have much more pain to go. The stock market hasn't even bottomed yet

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