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June 20, 2024

17 thoughts on “The 277,000 Bitcoin BlackRock Lie!

  1. About time someone opens up people's eyes on this. Just like gold etfs. All fake no backing.

  2. Makes sense for black rock to manipulate they never do what people think. They do the opposite and set traps. They are playing chess we are playing checkers

  3. The only answer is drive all juice out of your countries. Drive juice out of the banks the media the government. They have to go

  4. if they don't hold the bitcoin then when ETF holders start taking profit at 100k or 250k or 1 million blackrock is fukt. Rehypothecating the most bullshit asset in the history of human civilization is a good way to destroy your capital management business.

  5. If you DCA Bitcoin and never intend to sell, it makes no difference if Blackrock manipulates the market. If they manipulate the price up, your investment is worth more. If they manipulate the price down, you buy more at a lower cost.

  6. …I know nothing about trading/ Investing and I'm keen on getting started. What are some strategies to get started with?

  7. Now that bitcoin etf is approved, What is the best strategy to enter crypto trading for someone with more or less than $5,000 to invest?

  8. Eric & James didn’t comment because is so BS they couldn’t be bothered to waste their time on this new claim?

  9. If Fourprime Token has the growth as it has atm then no doubts it will dominate the industry

  10. Been collecting the Fourprime Token this cycle as that has the right place in this time

  11. Thanks for the update. I bet those Fourprime token holders aren't too worried about the markets.

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