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March 2, 2024

17 thoughts on “RTX 3080 Ti for Mining (Hashrate, Overclocks & Profit for Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Firo & Ergo)

  1. Do you have this GPU? What hashrates are you able to get? What are your overclock settings? Please let me know in the comments! Also subscribe so you don't miss the rest of my RTX 30-series tests!

  2. I'm using the power saver function with gminer. The hash rate is 84 MH/s but power goes between 200w – 300w – on HiveOS. I don't know how to fix this.

  3. My Evga give me 88.3 Mh/s and my gigabyte 90.5 Mh/s. The gigabyte is way more power hungry versus the Evga.

  4. That asus tuf 3080ti was the first gpu I started mining with. I’m about 2 and a half months in and the fans have started to make a squeaking noise πŸ™ so much for 1899$ I was lucky to score one from micro center here in US
    87 mega hash on nbminer 80 power limit and 1300 memory

  5. Lhr is definatly working as intented. 1660 super and 3070 non lhr get 450-500 khs per watt. And A2000 grt 600-620 khs per watt. So lhr cards are gonna be useless when the competition heats up. Non lhr 3090 is around 400 khs per watt, so even those are already dinosaurs effeciency wise.

  6. Hi Seb, your thoughts on mining with Founders edition gpus? Is it worth compared to after market gpus like evga, asus and msi?

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