$RIDE listing after DEX test #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Elrond #MaiarDEX #Crypto

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Elrond #MaiarDEX #Crypto

00:00 Intro
01:15 Where the market is heading
08:00 Elrond Town Hall summary
16:00 Elrond Price

Maiar HeroTag: @gszabi
GetMaiar: https://get.maiar.com/referral/zqsxwg4t85

Discord: https://discord.gg/q32FPkrPph

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Statement: Everything in the video is just my personal opinion, I do not give advice to anyone to sell or buy anything. Everyone trades on their own responsibility.

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  1. I couldn't care less if Bear Market. My coins need to drop 300% to lose. I'll just continue staking for a year or more if I have to.

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