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June 20, 2024

12 thoughts on “Polygon $MATIC Exit Strategy: ZK Rollups Update & Should I Sell and if so How?

  1. I believe Poligon has more potential than Solana. As you've stated BTC will soon be 100k… surely Matic will be $4.50 to correlate. Thank You for all you do.😊

  2. As always, great video, James. Matic is my #1 performer (average cost base is less than 2 cents). Sold about 10% of my Matic stack yesterday (13000% profit). I really like your targets, and I think this beast can even reach $6 and higher in 2022 (your HI). We shall see … 🤩

  3. James, can you elaborate on the sense of layering in into higher prices after taking profits at lower tiers? I can't wrap my head around how this makes sense. In that case why not just keep money in? Much appreciated! And again, priceless education right here. Thank you so much.

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