Plan B – Why I Will NEVER Buy Ethereum

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About the Author: James Esposito


  1. Who cares what Plan B is doing or says? This dude's big predictions are regularly wrong. The Ethereum merge is going to be a triple halving event + yield of 7%+ if I stake. But I'm supposed to listen to an a jaded Bitcoiner? No way. ETH is up 90% in the last month. You're nuts if you're putting your money anywhere else.

  2. Plan B for BULLSHIT.
    This piece of crap is afraid to identify himself for fear of being sued for fraud!

  3. Plan V tried, man. I dunno how many more plans he's going to make. All I know is poor bastards buying the top right now… again. It's funny, retail buys in once it's topping out. The highest I see Ethereum peaking in this current rally right now is 2200-2300. IF it gets that high, sell and get out. Buy back at around $600.

  4. Plan B. We're have you been? Suppose you felt like you should go underground for a while?? Hey, there is only 1 perfect one..

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