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May 24, 2024

1 thought on “Not Going Home For a Dead Bird. (And Crypto News).

  1. 00:00 – Follow me on Afrinection.
    00:35#MillionToken (MM). This is the ONLY low cap token that I like. Please DYOR before you buy.
    00:35#MillionToken (MM). Official Site:
    00:35#MillionToken (MM). Official Twitter:
    02:10 – Not going home for Thanksgiving. Crazy going home.
    04:10 – If you are not working you are either in bed or bed.
    04:30 – Why is Avalanche up?
    06:00 – Projects that have done well: Solana.
    07:00 – MCO coin swapped to CRO. Bought. Name on basketball stadium.
    09:30 – Decentraland & Axie Infinity.
    10:35 – Sandbox doing great.
    11:00 – Gala coin doing great.
    11:35 – You can't predict the future.
    11:45 – "My Neighbor Alice" token has done well. I did not buy it.
    12:50 – Star Atlas up big.
    13:50 – Overall metaverse eco-system up.
    14:10#MillionToken (MM) Token launchpad signup form.
    15:15 – Ethereum losing it thunders due to scaling issues. Other 1st layer solutions performing better.
    16:10 – India bans cryptos. But I do not care.
    17:00 – Crypto US Constitution losing money due to high fees.
    19:00 – I am tied of talking about meme tokens.
    19:15 – US regulators do not like competitions with stable coins.
    20:00 – Dogecoin most googled crypto.
    21:00 – Sold my Dogecoin with 0x (ZRX) protocol. Might do well in a few years.
    21:00 – 0x (ZRX). Not a security by the SEC.
    24:30 – Quantum computers are are already here.
    25:00 – Pantera Capital allows institutional investors.
    27:30 – Chinese company purchases US building.
    29:50 – People blame Biden over inflation.
    31:40#MillionToken (MM) recap.

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