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July 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “Make $120 Ethereum DAILY with Etherprint

  1. gonna try to get two vids out tomorrow, my bad for being so late today i slept inūü§£ make sure you like the video!

  2. Great content as always.I believe this cycle is gonna stretch out till next year. Everyone is assuming crypto is gonna go on massive run this year but we all forget that the market has always been volatile. No one knows where the top is going to be but I can assure that there will be a violent run up,looking at the nature of BTC peaks in the past years peak.I will advise that we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and btc!Let it consolidate at a lower price,so we can get a healthy upward movement .I will also advise that we priortize trad!ng our assets and stop dependingn onhodlin alone. I have made over 17.4 btc already since early Oct till now not from buying the dip alone but implementing trad es with signals and insights provided from Mr Theo Ryan .I'd advise that y'all clutch to this method,esp newbies in the market.

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