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April 18, 2024


  1. ETH goes up….Gas fees are too high….force people to other chains faster?

    <3 Fantom/AVAX/MATIC/SOL/etc.

  2. Peter Schiff is a broken record. He’s living in a world that has changed and is changing in ways so drastic that once it’s momentum gains it will be like Pandora’s box.

  3. I've been offered a VGX debt card, but I have some reservations and yet to accept…
    I mean…if I take profits from a coin and transfer it to USDC that's great…and THEN I use my VGX debt card….but doesn't that mean I'll be taxed twice for "selling" my crypto prior to owning it for less than a year?

  4. I've seen mutliple Crypto/BTC machines in Vegas 🎰 Casinos. I'm encouraged to think that cryptocurrency will be around 20+ years from now.

  5. From what Ive been told Unstoppable Domains are moving from ETH to Solana platform. YAY, faster and a heck cheaper

  6. The ETH drawdown was Kraken moving their tokens around internally, not a whale. From glassnode: “We have observed vast amounts of ETH outflows from Kraken that are most likely internal fund movements. Our team is looking into the matter and will update the data accordingly.”

  7. I don’t know what you’re talking about….. everything is going down and is down from where it’s been…
    I think it all looks like shit at the moment.

    It’s called manipulation and it is hopefully a fake out.
    Again, this is more proof that it is all controlled by powerful interests that ha e endless amounts of money to manipulate it in their favor.

    In the end, whoever makes money that isn’t on the inside, you got lucky……..

  8. Who has these bots that are manipulating the market like this!? It’s so bizarre. No wonder the SEC won’t approve a spot ETF.

  9. I don't know who need to hear this, investing now is a wise decision to take! Despite the pandemic, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity and is predicted to do so in the future as it has changed a lot of lives with best mentorship from Dr. Darragh Ryan who has made the sky starting point for me and others.

  10. ANKR is flipping to the upside. Get in now and use it to piggy back on to raise your money while everything else is down!! Buy back in to your main holdings when you increase your money on ANKR's positive gains

  11. I hope Celsius comes out with a debit card (they starting credit cards now apparently) I would def get 1, I like them better than voyager or blockfi

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