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00:00 Is the Metaverse dead?
01:19 Metaverse in a housing bubble
07:22 The metaverse will not be VR
09:14 Ethereum merge may lessen usage for other chains
11:01 US Treasury sanctioned USDC and ETH addresses
12:52 FTX tranig rising 123% YOY
13:54 Conclusion


Metaverse housing bubble:

Metaverse is not VR:

ETH merge:

US Treasury sanctions USDC:

FTX up 123% yoy:

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I am not a financial advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only.
Please invest only in things you understand and make sure you understand the risk that is involved in every investment decision. This video represents my own experience and opinion. Before investing in anything I do, make sure you research for yourself.

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