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July 21, 2024

18 thoughts on “IS MATIC CRYPTO’S NEW STRONG HORSE? (Polygon Price Prediction)

  1. Hello Jason, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me which platform is the best crypto trading platform for the UK users while we can't use Binance any more? Thank you

  2. doraemon inu, is growing and has several zeros and is a good buying opportunity. 😉 3575 holders! do they image when they are 100k? or 500k!!

  3. Hi Jason just received a decent amount of money from a late relative who passed away" I have around £1K to invest in Crypto can you recommend one to invest in outside of Bitcoin or Ethereum.
    Don't worry about if I lose it all it's just play money.

  4. Nice video though everyone loves the luxury lifestyle…. But why is no one here talking about Bitcoin… Now's the best time to buy the dip and it's an opportunity that will grant you all the luxury you crave for ☺️….

  5. Hate to say it but the entire crypto space is turning into a joke. Hard to take it serious anymore where 10 year old create NFT's in an hour and then folks with too much money rush in and buy them for millions. Like flippin' South Park cartoon world.

  6. Listen it's simple.. the market will go side ways to down for at least 6 months .. this includes stocks and crypto. Due to Turkey and iron ore prices.. the world economy is in trouble.. take profits, this is my last comment.. enjoy people 🍺🍺🍺👍😀

  7. Matic always does well when the market itself doesn't because it enables a lot of defi lending and leverage. The smart investor borrows to buy the dip and they need matic to do it.

  8. Cardano investments are like tithes
    to a cause much bigger than yourself.

    A tithe that might give profit to a lucky trader, or a partial refund to a hodler.

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