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May 19, 2024


  1. Great news man. You’re the best. I have made 300 on my crypto since getting my news from you. I’m no longer negative

  2. Eth will never have a supply shock. The miners always need to dump on the market to pay for they're huge expenses.

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  4. shiba Inu coin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise.

  5. I love your video at large but i will advice everybody who is into cryptos to Stick with ETH and BTC as much as you can guys. If everyone sells when it starts to fall, which at one point it will, the dream may be lost because of it being too volatile for companies to get behind.

  6. I have about 5% of my portfolio in Uranium bitcoin any advice on any other Crypto currency that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  7. The crypto market has been favourable in the past weeks, I keep missing out on this opportunity, I'm most certainly very impatient how can I ever make a profit in the crypto market.

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