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June 21, 2024


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  2. 48k is really really healthy, what is wrong with market. Moontubers such as bitboy give market too much hype such as 100k in december. Market loose fairh if such predictions dont come true

  3. Ofcourse newcomwra fear…they dont have the same past experience and are waiting to watch the market.

  4. You keep saying it will go up, when will you admit you’re wrong? Children lose money following your advice, I will be taking legal action because of your bad advice.

  5. If we don't massively dump after this week's Fed meeting, then I think BTC could go as high as 51k by year-end and as much as 79k this cycle, which would be phenomenal gains.

  6. From my own experience.and people I talk too
    People are not buying crypto due to fake news . Bad press. And the polarization of America and Europe. This subject had become political. And half the morons wont buy it. Exspecially demorats .the establishment media has done another number on these fools.

  7. I'll never understand why whales don't buy on exchanges , why wouldn't they want the public to feel the fomo effect of a large purchase and drive prices up ?

  8. Loved this George 💫 for me you are my go to person when it comes to crypto! You keep me grounded 🙏🏾❤️

  9. SO let me get this straight:

    No ones selling
    Everyone's buying and HODLing
    Miners aren't selling
    Whales are accumulating
    Institutes are accumulating
    Retail are accumulating

    So why is the price not rising?

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