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July 25, 2024

25 thoughts on “FT @Bitbns 🔥 Complete Private Cryptocurrency List 🔥 Govt Crypto Ban Update 🔥

  1. You're right bro… Media and News creator's are taking advantage of crypto even they haven't enough knowledge on that.. they trying to make us Scare… ALL they spread NEGATIVE ABOUT BITCOIN AND CRYPTO.. f***n shameless bullshittsss.

  2. Suppose If all crypto is banned in india the only motive of govt will be not to save indians from loss ….A double tactic from the govt to eliminate poor on earning something more or even becoming rich….No govt likes their majority of people becoming financially sound….There should be poor people then ony country can use them ….Just imagine there is no cab drivers rickshaw drivers ambulance driver's agriculture personal, kollies, sales man , electricians , plumber's ,man hole, fisherman,road workers, construction workers, cleaners etc etc look the people mainly male genders should remain as chai waalas buggers that is the stand aways …..All local jobs are in our pocket…..And women work in air-conditioned offices it should remain like that ….If male genders becomes financially sound these ladies should come forward to do these jobs….Does any one think that it may happen…… never….So we should be here as poor people work entire life like donkeys….The logic is simple that old game of slavery …..In another form

  3. Hey Vasu if govt ban crypto then what should we do? Can I sale my coin going to other country which I bought in wazirx?

  4. Posted by govt on 26th/ Indian Crypto market crashed/ all you tubers were in mute/ now they're telling some stories. My personal suggestion: wait up to 29th govt outcome/ even if it's a positive news market won't react aggressively/again 3rd Dec USA debt bill issue is there. Finally, we're in the extended bull cycle.

  5. Bro I am in urgent need of 1 lac rupees pls guide what should I do which coin should I invest 35 k to make 1 lac

  6. Brother I can't see please make ah clear video….please list with clear picture…. otherwise this posting is no use of your valuable subscriber s …

  7. Government should take action on this… Tell investors (most of the people are middle class) don't panic sell… And what they are doing… If we loss give will loss😞

  8. We can't trust private means privacy According to Govt they said coins which are not given by state/central comes under private…..So entire crypto fall under private….PLZ BAN fake MEDIA

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