ETHEREUM TO $500K [Daily Bitcoin Update]

Here’s my analysis of $ETH for the coming bull market.

If you’re serious about learning Elliott Wave analysis to trade, I STRONGLY recommend starting with the following book. I’ve studied many manuals on Elliott Wave Theory, along with Ralph Nelson Elliott’s own books, and this by far has been the most useful as a starters manual:

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KuCoin is a great place to find newer projects early, and it has an easy-to-use leverage trading platform with low fees:

For more experienced traders, I suggest using Phemex.

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1 Comment

  1. Agree with u bro
    For confirmation check footprint charts last 3 months, the bullish cvd higher then last year low
    Btc should at least double in price on first impulse higher before correcting for reaccumulation for next leg
    I find footprint delta/cvd help to confirm a trend flip
    Unbelievably many people are saying these lows are distribution lol!

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