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Vmates – NFT virtual pet social game based on blockchain:

MetaBrands – Gateway to the metaverse:

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Intro: (0:00)
Market review: (0:30)
Ethereum technical analysis: (0:58)
Ethereum vs Bitcoin technical analysis: (1:55)
Bitcoin technical analysis: (2:54)
Lower timeframes: (3:28)
Vmates – NFT virtual pet social game based on blockchain: (4:53)
Funding, sentiment, and liquidation levels: (7:52)
MetaBrands – Gateway to the metaverse: (8:48)
BTC bullish divergence: (12:04)
Synergy Land giveaway and creation process: (13:01)
Mega btc hopium: (14:05)
Universe Island trailer and info: (15:34)
Bitcoin forks all failed: (16:25)
Wicrypt IDO registration open on Occam Razer platform: (17:36)
TechDev bullish: (18:45)

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