Ethereum 2.0 Coming in 2021! Reach to NEW ATH! ETH Price to $100,000! Ethereum News Today

Ethereum CEO and Founder, Vitalik Buterin, provides a visionary viewpoint on how to take advantage of change in this unprecedented time, and how our work can both accelerate opportunities and create profitability and prosperity.

At the same time, investment in crypto infrastructure companies and utilities has only increased over the last few months and years, so there are long-term positives for the industry. But it could take years for those businesses to mature.

I’m worried that new investors who haven’t been through a market crash before have added too much leverage and aren’t prepared for large drops in volatile assets like cryptocurrencies. That shock can cause panic and a downward spiral of selling. For at least a few hours early this weekend, that spiral took hold of the market. Given the recent trends, I worry that a long-term downward spiral might just be getting started.

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