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June 21, 2024

10 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency will be 'quite valuable and quite useful' as it grows in popularity

  1. I've just read a report from a small oil-producer. It is considering using the reserves it has just tapped to fuel an on-site crypto-ming operation. It's tempting for the young, and the 'hip', to think that 'crypto' is a good thing: it isn't. Crypto-mining now consumes more electricity than Norway!

  2. Useful until you're unable to access them!!! Agenda 2030 in full flow!! Build Back Better Bollocks anyone??!!

  3. The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the lost of job caused by COVID-19/OMICRON pandemic is enough to push people to financial ventures, investing in cryptocurrency now should be in every wise individual lost. In some Weeks now, you will be ecstatic about the decision you made today.

  4. Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as income in investments even in this crazy days in the market,any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earnings?would be appreciated…..

  5. <The year 2021 has been like a rollercoaster so far. The markets started off with a bang, with Redditors gathering and shaking up Wall Street by trading Gamestop stocks. Then, Bitcoin started spinning the charts up and down, Ethereum surprised pretty much everyone with its price hikes, altcoins started booming like never before (just think about DOGE), new market actors even rushed in to join the race. After all this, if you are still on the fence about getting in because you are worried that it’s too late to get started then you have to trade with the guidance of a professional<In three weeks of trading I have been able to make 9 btc using signals from Liam Noah. he can easily be reached on Telegram as [ liamnoahs ]

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