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May 19, 2024

11 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency: Financial expert discusses the risks of the 'grand monetary experiment.'

  1. The financial system is now today is a fraud, yes if someone steals money from you through fraud the bank will replace it, the cost you pay for this is they steal (commit fraud) on the entire world.

    Bitcoin is a bulletproof fully backed financial asset, if someone steals money from you through fraud you can't get your money back, the price you pay for losing that small amount of money is a proper financial system.

  2. Its like watching children of 5 yo in the schoolyard talking about sex. There are two distinctly different types of asset being talked about here. 1. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum et al) this is a DECENTRALISED finance asset system. Designed to run independantly as a worldwide trading/investing system.
    2. Digital currency (designed and run by central banks ie Digital Dollar) these assets are being proposed by national/central banks in an attempt to operate their countries financial systems…thes currencies will give their respective governments TOTAL CONTROL over your money and how they allow you to spend/use it!

  3. You only lose money if you sell at a loss. Just hold your coins for the long term and do your own balanced research. There are lots of people saying it's dangerous and risky but not if you believe in it and invest only what you can afford to lose

  4. Guess msm don't like crypto currency so will show something with a negative light without any facts or numbers just a bunch of what ifs

  5. I put on 500 pounds 1 year ago I have taken out 1800 pounds and I have about 12000 pounds in crypto at the moment and I have no idea what I am doing but i am having fun trying to learn

  6. Its fine, most of the elite have bought the vast majority of bitcoin now after it got trolled and banned ten years back so feel free to snap it up.

  7. Big brother keeping an eye on where all the moneys going, there will be more money going missing soon as we are all on the band wagon.

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