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May 24, 2024

9 thoughts on “Crypto Market CRASH!! Emergency!! Livestream With Updates on the Market!

  1. Investing in cryptocurrencies is the best way to be successful ♥♥, investing remains a priority. In the stock market, there are many opportunities to get decent payouts, with the necessary skills and a proper understanding of the market from expert Ms. Carlos Shirley, investing was easy for me.

  2. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Light cryptos, his skills set is exceptional..

  3. This is the result of omicrone news + tapering tantrum. This is not crypto specific, this is global on markets. There is overall panic.

  4. Kashima Inu is the first 100% community owned NO Crazy Dev Tax NO Developer Tokens NO Pre-Sale check audit score 95/100 safety project Kashima Inu Will Be the Next Shiba, Floki, Saitama Inu DO YOUR OWN RESEARCHING

  5. <<🚀Stay calm, the moon is ours. We may either see a reversal and start declining or we may experience a further pump for a while.I'd say outrightly that the space is unpredictable so we shouldn't allow the dynamism of the space tell when to make profit off the market as I have been able to make more than 13 b tc in just September alone.I didn't do that from buying the dip and hodling but implementing trades with the sig nals provided by Stanley Jun>>

  6. Technical analysis must be "burn" if the time of "panic time".. 🤭🤭 don't be panic, this is reality of crypto market bro 😂😂

  7. Thanks for another good video < If there is one thing I have learned in recent months it is to remain calm, especially when it comes to investments in cryptocurrencies. Learn not to sell in a panic when everything goes down and not to buy in euphoria when everything goes up. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.The market is very unstable and you can not tell if we are entering a bear market or is just suffering a brief correction on the road to more record highs. While myself and others are tradin without fear of making a loss while others are being patient for the price to skyrocket & maybe incur more losses along the line,. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 7.5BTC from 2.4 BTC in few weeks by implementing trades, tips and info from extert Dylan Colton, a renowned trader that is always one step ahead. if you are lookinfor a way to increase your portfolio or investment you can easily reach Dylan on Telegram @ (Dylan266) & What'sapp✙16694002434

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