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July 21, 2024


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  2. they're not all "trying to play catch-up," most are trying to END IT. they hate crypto because it's a threat. even though they get FULL WELL that central banking does NOT work for MOST people on the planet. it works for a top few percentage points of people ONLY, the super-wealthy and everyone else works for THEM. point is we WANT egalitarianism, NOT elitism, we're tired and the playing field, which has NEVER been there's a real chance for it to finally be so. but in spite of all the awfulness, including the out-of control money printing, inflation/decrease of the purchasing power of the US dollar..if it doesn't end now a whole other generation or two will continue to suffer for it.

  3. if you’re digging into Aavegotchi, i recommend that you reach out to Seb Montgomery- he has a channel and shares good info and strategy

  4. Lol, she's talking right over their heads.. perhaps she did that on purpose, but there is no way they understood that she said.

  5. Thanks for update. The amount of angry people in denial about crypto is just sad. Still plenty of time to invest, but would rather bury their heads in the sand because "they know better". The age of people "who know better" is over

  6. government mismanages almost all of the taxes they receive. My taxes will continue to increase regardless, they dont need more taxes from crypto. Let me see them lower the debt while lowering taxes.

  7. "Does Radio ring a bell. " … Sad but yeah we are here again. America is stupid if they think other countries like Canada, in Europe and elsewhere won't jump in this leave them in the dust.

  8. Thank you for clarifying about the staking. I'll probably try your staking pool see how that works and watch the videos to learn how to do it.

  9. Ole Kill Gates on Letterman. Amazing isn't it how that psycho has now paid his dues to 'The Man'. Nuremberg 2.0 is coming.

  10. The legacy banking system owns and runs the planet for their benefit only. They will fight to the point of mutually assured destruction before losing their centralized control to a truly decentralized and free market. They will use the law to stifle true decentralization. Nothing is above the law. If you want to create, protect or destroy anything, create a law.

    Could blockchain decentralize the making of law and the application of due punishment? Law and punishment by global democratic consensus appeals, but as in Rome, giving too much power to the mob is worse than giving too much power to the so called elite.

  11. The congressional committees need ROB to explain this stuff. I Always appreciate your clear simple explanations. thanks for what you do.

  12. We need to start voting younger generations into offices in subsequent elections, the leaders of tomorrow must understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Voting older folks is unfair to everyone.

  13. DAN – I am excited about the MELD bank manager NFT. Gotta hand it to them, that is a fun take on things. BTW – Sorry about spreading rumors on Twitter about you and Charles 🙂

  14. Hello Rob, very informative video one of your better ones. Any current insight into Voyager. They seem to be doing quite well these days.

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