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April 18, 2024

28 thoughts on “Crypto Crash!? Do Not Panic!! This Altcoin Will Rebound BIG TIME!!!!

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  2. Well those APYs didn’t last long lol. Funny how I’ll see influencers pump up hype on a token and watch it pump and dump. But as long as ur not selling it all I guess it makes y honest right lol.

  3. Chico! Avax is already rebounding ! It’s $110 ath earier today and also reaching ath in the avax/btc pairing !

  4. You always said until recently "If I don't talk about a project for a while that doesn't mean I'm NOT bullish" Now you said the opposite. Nice PND on Muse btw.

  5. For me personally, my favourite content of yours is when you don’t so much focus on what the market is doing but rather the zoomed out long term happenings. I think this is where you shine brother, you have an ability to connect the dots on a micro level and then paint a picture of what could be happening on the macro. Shit blows my mind, like your Elon vids or the chain link magick out there content is next level. I have noticed a little bit of resistance now to clicking your newest thumbnails when the title is like this one, I like to keep my perspective on the big picture that’s how I get through the lows as I’m not even thinking of cashing out. Just my 2 cents. There are plenty of price prediction channels and get rich quick.

  6. Ahhhh Pin-Cushion-Chico ….you really have to lay off those heroic doses of heroin …it's turning you into a shitcoiner .. BITCOIN RULES..but do keep up the great work there PCC

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