Crypto Ban : Entire Story Till Now

On 23rd November, 2021 ; The Indian Government released a document that contained all the agendas which are to be discussed in the winter session of the Indian Parliament. After the release of this document. the cryptocurrency market of India started crashing and tons of fake news surfaced. In this video, I have tried to explain everything about the incident, what happened and how.

I have also tried to answer the following questions :

1. Is Indian Going to ban cryptocurrencies
2. What is The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill,2021
3. Why is crypto market crashing in India
4. Why is government banning crypto currencies
5. What are private crypto currencies


I am not a financial or crypto expert, I have just tried to explain the entire timeline with the best of my knowledge so please measure all the pros and cons before making any decision.

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Time codes
0:00 – Cryptoban, what has happened till now?
0:30 – Why did the market crash?
0:50 – What is The Cryptocurrency Bill?
1:41 – Is India actually going to ban crypto currencies?
2:04 – What are private Crypto Currencies
3:03 – Which cryptocurrencies will be exempted from Ban?
3:25 – Why is Indian government banning Crypto
3:55 – Should I hold or Sell my crypto : Cryptoban
4:49 – Why government can’t ban crypto in India
4:59 – Why not to panic sell
5:17 – Outro

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