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July 21, 2024

26 thoughts on “CRUCIAL Bitcoin Update (Crypto Fights Back)

  1. A scared man can’t win and a jealous man can’t work!! If your not inside your outside! Crypto is here to stay and will revolutionize the world economies regardless of scumbag Ginsler and Brandon the walking corpse!!

  2. All part of the globalist move to not allow defi or at least make it hard to make gains from it. I’m still in!

  3. If you sell now then you should never buy crypto again…. i mean to think the current prices will never go back up and then some is why you will forever be chasing pennies whilst we smart few sit back and get crypto rich!

  4. Currently i have less than 10k usd earning me over $100 USD a day… can't do that with a bank ….. we all need crypto!

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