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September 27, 2023

30 thoughts on “#BITCOIN y ORO UNICO REFUGIO! /V1210

  1. GRACIAS JAIME. Bendiciones y Cryptoabrazos desde ALicante. PD: que onda todos esos comentarios en inglès que se ven puro spam?

  2. Son las comisiones, lo mismo es comprar por ejemplo en algún Exchange que opere oficialmente en Japón como bitflyer. Suelen tener precio de compra y venta

  3. Jaime como siempre muy educativas tus clases!! consulta para vos o alguien de la comunidad, cómo busco el btc contra oro? ya sea en TradingView o en una página particular. BTC/PAXG no me aparece.

  4. "El exchange de bitcoin (BTC) y criptomonedas Binance eliminará su soporte a 12 criptomonedas y tokens de privacidad en al menos cuatro países de la Unión Europea. La medida entra en vigencia a partir del 26 de junio debido a las regulaciones locales.

    Así lo informó la propia empresa a sus clientes ubicados en España, Francia, Italia y Polonia, quienes ya no podrán utilizar en el exchange los criptoactivos Decred (DCR), Dash (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), Horizen (ZEN), PIVX (PIVX), Navcoin (NAV), Secret (SCRT), Verge (XVG), Firo (FIRO), Beam (BEAM), Monero (XMR) y MobileCoin (MOB)."

    Esto empieza a complicarse, Jaime. Nos han declarado la guerra.

  5. Gracias Jamie por este conocimiento, pero puedo decir que Christian fx Morrison tiene la mejor estrategia cuando se trata del sector comercial. No estoy seguro de haber visto nunca a un comerciante que encaje en su posición en el sector comercial.

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  7. I recently discovered PAM23XG and I am impressed with the concept behind it. It seems like a promising cryptocurrency that has the potential to make a big impact in the market.

  8. I've been using PAM23XG for all my crypto transactions, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. It's fast, secure, and their customer support is excellent.

  9. PAM23XG has been a game-changer for me when it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It's easy to use, and their customer support is excellent.

  10. PAM23XG has made my life so much easier when it comes to managing my crypto portfolio. Their interface is intuitive, and their support team is always available to help.

  11. I've used several crypto platforms in the past, but PAM23XG is by far the best. It's fast, secure, and their fees are very competitive.

  12. I've been using PAM23XG for all my crypto transactions, and I'm impressed with the low fees and fast transaction speeds.

  13. I was skeptical about PAM23XG at first, but after using it for a few months, I can confidently say that it's one of the best crypto platforms out there.

  14. Excellent content. I used the last dip to stock up, buying PAM23XG now its cheap, can't miss the presale.

  15. We'll see about that. I don't mind to see the crash. I just hope I'll have a lot of USDT to buy more PAM23XG live presale.

  16. PAM23XG is my safety asset along with tether so i'm really glad to hear all this!! thank you very much

  17. I already converted all my ETH to PAM23XG, now I feel like moving all my BTC to ADA as well.

  18. My Unicorn just bought 1000AMZ and 1000 PAM23XG we’re on our way to the moon right now as I’m writing this message on my flying Lamborghini 🦄🦄🦄🤓🤓🤓🥸🥸🥸🤠🤠🤠🫥🫥🫥

  19. I’m buying PAM23XG on sale, waiting for BTC to maybe drop again before I add more. Hope to take some Eth profits by Sept proof of stake

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