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July 25, 2024

27 thoughts on “Bitcoin: Bull Market Support Band Update

  1. As the market cycles extend and growth is much slower, it is obvious that gap between actual price and moving averages is decreasing. Due to usual volatility it’s more likely that BTC may go more often below the support band. You can’t have both, ie lengthening of cycle and technicals of support band 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. The stock/crypto Market lately has been so encouraging couple with the fact that there is a new president in charge which experts has projected his administration to be a win win for investor in the store market. What are you still waiting for my dear? The time is now! Great video

  3. You can't ignore the macro here. It's pretty clear we're at the start of a Taper Tantrum. If you want a roadmap, look to the end of 2018

  4. TCM is exactly what I have been thinking about as BTC dominance is dropping over time ??? I like your thoughts

  5. I think it's definitely worth paying more attention to total market cap. It still seems to be secondary to btc in terms of relevance to market analysis but it does offer some extra insight such as testing and breaking trendline support friday when the crash accelerated.

  6. Benjamin, We come here for you. Your thoughts are just a bonus.
    Also, crypto asset-class videos would be hot.

  7. Always take profits on the way up. I've learned a lot these last few years. This is one piece of advice I should have taken.

  8. It's cool to look into other coins but Bitcoin is the one that drives the market, Bitcoin is the one being adopted by institutions and nations, one Bitcoin is $50,000 not $4,000 not $100, Bitcoin will be the one reaching 100k not any of the other tokens. Bitcoin is the one maturing and becoming less volatile.

  9. What makes this cycle different is that money is diverted to other areas of crypto such as metaverse and nfts away from BTC. But the weak BTC price limits growth of entire crypto space. This could be the Achilles heel

  10. Isn't reasonable to say that due to what is happening economically and socially right now. This cycle could be affected by it? Fears and doubt from fed, inflation, tapering, Debt ceiling, covid new variant, Germany shut down, supply chain shortage, etc. I feel like year of 2021 and 2022 are different than the previous years we had in cycle peak.

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