In this video I talk through my Cardano ADA price expectations, I review the recent ADA price action on the weekly chart to see what we could expect to happen next with Cardano ADA. Will we hit $15-$20 in this cycle? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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About the Author: Jeffrey Kummer


  1. Can't see it, when there talking about 2222. Its worrying talk, at what point in 22 January or December when the bull run has ran its course and the bears are in?

  2. Love you boys but itโ€™s joy hitting 15-30 anytime soon, appreciate clickbait but letโ€™s try keep it realistic.

    $4-6 be amazing.

  3. i keep telling my friends it will hit at least $5 eoy. right now it's making me look bad, esp. since i told them to buy way back when it was around $2.5

  4. Put a dot in front of that price prediction. Cardando is a ghost chain. It doesn't do anything. Cardando lovers are in a cult. Ummm am I missing anything else?

  5. People like Bitboy will always predict stupidly high prices. He likely only expects half the price that he predicts – probably less. All they do is claim massive prices in order to keep people interested and get people buying – to pump their bags for when they sell (at $4 max!).
    Charles will inevitably talk up their progress in Africa. It will be an incredibly slow burn, possibly even fruitless. He also said that Ethiopia was a disappointment. Too much conflict and turmoil in Africa. Could end up being one massive waste of time. Time is running out for Ada. Need to get their act together. Canโ€™t see more than $3.50-$4.00 this cycle.

    Any predictions over $5 are extremely unreasonable at this stage in my opinion.
    Mate, reign in your crack-pipe usage.

  6. I think 7-8 dollars is possible by end of this Bullrun. But if I was to guess Iโ€™d say 5-6 dollars. 15-20 would be a dream.

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