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July 21, 2024

10 thoughts on “12x RX580 MK2 Ethereum Mining Rig | Getting Ready For The New Octominer Server Case

  1. Do you have any RX580? How Do You Like Them? Should I Use Them In The New Octominer Case? Let Us Know What You Think Below!

  2. Those RX 580s in the Octominer will be killer! Looks like you are gonna need some more q-tips😀. I have 2 RX 580s and they have been great since I BIOS modded them. 30.5 mh/s at 80W in software, I'll take that all day long! I know they pull more at the wall so I'm glad to see you are using more than a single 1200W server power supply. Can't wait to see that Octominer build video! Keep doin' what you do!!

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