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September 27, 2023

24 thoughts on “100X Crypto Gains with Metaverse Altcoins

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    please make a video about it
    They are using the no. 1 scanning technology in the world to link the physical world with the metaverse.
    Using photogrammetry to create ultra 3d hd avatars of people,items, any object you might think of to use in the metaverse.
    Technology already released and debuted in Dubai summit. Please review it

  3. Great video and reason appreciate what you do. Can you please look and more crypto the is not on the ETH block chain. The gas fees are insane. I hate the ETH gas tax. Thanks 😊

  4. I'm thinking immutable x, I think they are dropping in nfts from veve soon…imx tokens are up for grabs from today on the marketplace.

  5. Metahero is going to be huge will be the foundations of so many metaverses probably the safest bet of all of them.

  6. And here's one more issue, all these metaverse games are pay to win! Thats not fun, and what's most important about a game? you tell me.

  7. Only King BTC for me, bc no pre-mine. SOL executives are laughing waiting for their pre-mined bags to unlock to dump billions of their SOL coins. Watch for yourself “Solana billionaire VC’s are laughing at you”. Have a sweetly orange day

  8. There's no new money coming to crypto! The stock market is way to interesting at the moment, with the new Bill that has passed, the ending of the pandemic.. At the other side we have the crypto crackdown of the US coming up very soon, later this month.. So I'm changing my portfolio already for this crash.. Beside this, it's completely ridiculous how everyone is jumping on a so called Metaverse haha 😀 I don't even know who found out this stupid name

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