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March 2, 2024

10 thoughts on “🤯 THE ETH PRICE TODAY!! {ABOUT TO BLOW!!!!} This Is My Ethereum Prediction, Trade Analysis! 14th Dec

  1. Guys kind of a weird question but something really strange has been going on with my meta mask wallet. The amount of ETH in the wallet has been changing in the last couple days without any transactions being registered in etherscan , it started with 70$ worth of ETH then it jumped to a couple hundred, after a day it was 30 and this morning I opened my meta mask and saw 20000 dollars worth of ETH in there, I cannot move it or anything and there's no transactions registered from my address. Has anyone faced this issue? anyone has any idea of what's going on?

  2. clint_trade Tele gram.

    <BTC makes it above 49k as a support this week then that shows enough momentum to counter key levels. If we don't hit those, the probability for more crashing worse that we saw is looming. It's a real critical moment that could go either way. Bitcoin trading is a lucrative opportunity as it leverages the market volatility always appreciate the realness of your content the bearish and bullish case scenario is very very important to know both scenarios so we are always prepared thank you so much!! keep it coming, I'm more than happy with 7btc been trading with an expert mr Clint Gordon’s Signals.

  3. is the cup and handle invalidated now then? I think 5k next year is realistic depending on the covid situation.. if they spring another variant and have the lockdowns… I think we can forget the numbers we hoped for.

  4. Investing in crypto is a good idea for now because by 10 days time crypto will be making more money for investors

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