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September 27, 2023

16 thoughts on “🚀 Ethereum on the rise! Is ETH Poised to surpass Bitcoin's Market Cap? 🤔

  1. I love how logical and straight down the line you are James it’s much appreciated mate. Listen to you every day and have no sign of stopping. Thanks again

  2. You kept saying it's only a matter of time till BTC popped based on scarcity but now the analysis is it's only a matter of time till it pops because it's an overpriced bubble and its fair value is less than 20K

  3. James, Put your money where your mouth is and flip your BTC and ETH bags. Yeah didn’t think so…

  4. Bitcoin enables political change, uncensorable media, a way to be paid for independent health and education profesionals and food producers. We are going to need these if you understand what else is happening. ETH has the problem that stakeholders have more control.

  5. Unless regulators overturn all the SEC’s bs I feel like we have been delayed YEARS before mass adoption of anything besides BTC

  6. James IA in James I TRUST 4 my grandchidrens futures ETH IS BB FACTUAL is what James is sharing

  7. Thxs for the data !! I think if you own both you are the winner, that percentage or data wins..awesome stuff James

  8. Btc is the safe haven tor $.
    Eth is slow and expensive .
    Btc will always be 👑
    But James is the 👑 of KPM

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