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May 24, 2024

18 thoughts on “😘 Top 3 Coin 🚨 Crypto News Today | Why Crypto Market Going Down Today | Which Crypto To Invest

  1. <<Bitcoin exchange-traded funds was the topic of a letter sent by US Reps. cause they are advocating for the trading of bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds and questioned why the SEC is comfortable with allowing a derivatives-based bitcoin ETF but not a bitcoin spot ETF. It referred to the launch of the first bitcoin futures ETF in US, which started trading in October. In that case, the price is likely to rise. As big as Bitcoin is now, it's a mere fraction of what it will be so it never too late, one important note is to follow the guidance of a professional <in three weeks of trading I have been able to make 9.2 btc using signals from Carson Herbert. He can easily be reached on TelegramπŸ’¬ as [carsonsignals ].

  2. Sir, Why are you not recommending Baby Dogecoin? It increased 11 times in the past 1 month. Now it is slightly correcting and will then increase exponentially. Best wishes.

  3. Brother, you are so damn good at what you are doing.
    I'm so impressed with your prediction.
    And I really appreciate the amount of effort you are putting in to predict so perfectly.
    I've just started investing.
    I was facing loss. But got to know about your YouTube channel and now I hope I'll earn some amount.

    By the way I'm a designer.
    Let me know if I can help you with anything.

    Thank you.

  4. Brother Revolotto coin per ek video banao ye coin 1 month se bhi kam samaye me $0.7 se ab $1 cross kar gaya hai matlab se ab tak 14X se 15X tak ka profit diya hai. Is coin ne to crypto ki duniya me halla bol kar diya hai. Brother is per ek video banao na ap ki waja se hamare bahot saare indian brothers ka faida hoga.

  5. Dot coin pa ek do video or bnada yr mena 30k laka hold kara ha or log bi laka hold kra jabi jada uper jaya gaπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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