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July 21, 2024


  1. hey straight up xrp will be #2 in val behind btc… eth 3# n fyke the sec case… genlser is dead and its done… never mention these cynts again plz…

  2. Listen BB. You're credibility is on the line here.. you had beter be right about the price prediction next year. Or you might just lose youre standing in the Xrp community..

  3. Remember! All this good news! All these partnerships! All these banks and countries! All these high profile connections! Never forget!!!!! XRP is still .62 😮XLM is still .14😮. Weak AF! XRP could cure cancer and still be under $1

  4. XRP never fails to disappoint!! Best thing I ever did was dump 70% of my XRP and roll it into KAS. Im an XRP believer but the post lawsuit pump was weak AF!!!

  5. The XRP pullback has happened because Ripple has unlocked 500 million coins when the price was in the low $.80 range. That’s nonsense. The only way this price will moon is with a significant new buyers . I’m beginning to think I made a bad decision buying XRP.

  6. Stellar isn't expanding job openings like Ripple is. Stellar is moving at a snails pace. Ripple has job openings across the globe!

  7. Blah blah blah moon moon blah blah moon blah blah moon moon blah moon blah moon… I've heard this for six stinking years! 589, 10, 000, 35,000, blah blah blah blah blah! It's getting way way too old! All we need is clarity! Wait till the clarity comes! Blah blah blah

  8. Do not apologize for being the bearable bull. Finally you start sounding bullish like you should. I was beginning to think you were the bearable bear. Great job sir!

  9. How many times can you say we’ve never been closer than we had before you could say that every fucking day if you wanted to yeah, we’re a little closer every day, but it ain’t happening anytime soon

  10. I've not watched this channel in 3 years. You're selling your souls. Why would you want this to succeed? Why does it matter if you're rich when everyone you love is suffering?

  11. Why is there always warnings and nonsense? Why is there ever any? Goddamn good news? What the hell dude?

  12. Xrp is like a swan calmly moving on the surface, underneath paddling like it's being chased by a Hungry Bearable Bull

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