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May 23, 2024


  1. While everyone is focused on BTC, ETH or any top alt coin and playing defensive they are missing on quality projects that are about to be launched on CEX. For example AMN400T will hit mainstream soon, 10x-20x quite possible even during this bear market but only few people know about this.

  2. Myself during this Bear Market only trying to focus on BTC, AMN400T, ETH, SOL, MATIC. not losing sight of BNB and GALA. 🇨🇦

  3. I feel that the last bull run was bolstered by all the money being printed. Major returns next bull run but I think they will be tamer in my humble opinion. A 10x on AMN400T is and a 15x on polygon are fair considering how much those two coins are interwoven into the entire crypto ecosystem

  4. Amazon’s Record breaking coin AMN400T with actual use case! Great team and coolest community

  5. Thank you for your research. I find your videos are well done. Will AMN400T hit 1000? Not sure but I hope so.

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